COLLECTIVE culture + communication was born out of a desire to help
companies live into their purpose and tell great stories along way.

Employee Value Propositions

Does your employee experience align with your recruitment story? With your purpose? Working in partnership with your team, we can help you understand your current employee value proposition and develop a plan to get you where you want to be.

Narrative building

What’s your story? Do your employees know it? Do they share it? Discovering and telling stories that bring together your business purpose, values, strategy and the proof points of how you’re succeeding is what we do best and we’d love to help you with yours.

Communication strategies and planning

Let’s look forward and plan a communication and collaboration strategy for your company. Communication mediums have changed significantly in the past few years and we can help you modernize your approach.

Organizational change support

The digital transformation is changing more than just your technology, it’s changing your culture. Let us help you through your change by listening to your employees and developing communication strategies that support the company and the team throughout the change continuum.

Transformation Engagement

Whether a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), organizational change, ai implementation or global process standardization, our team can help with a human-centred approach to change communications.

Speech writing and presentations

Finding the most compelling way to connect to your audience and make them feel something will leave your audience wanting more and your reputation soaring.

Leadership communication strategies

Research shows that employees trust their direct leader more than anyone else in the organization. We can help develop a strong communication strategy that plays to each of your leaders’ strengths.

Activations and experiences

We produce memorable experiences by working with the best production teams in Canada. Let’s motivate your teams and stakeholders by creating a world-class experience that they won’t forget.

Recruitment, onboarding and training

Nothing beats a great welcome, and first impressions go a long way. Your story starts before a new employee’s first day and last well beyond their last. The chapters write the book.