COLLECTIVE isn’t just a brand name, it’s a philosophy. Amanda has developed a highly reliable network of creative and credible independent professionals, scaling up or down based on project and client requirements. Never a formulated response, we provide a personal and curated experience to every COLLECTIVE client.


About Amanda

With 25 years of experience in almost every aspect of workplace communications, Amanda Bates has helped some of Canada’s most recognizable companies influence with authenticity.  She’s worked with organizations in industries as far ranging as healthcare, technology, retail, hotels and resorts, agriculture & petroleum, wireless and cable — and knows how to affect people in both their minds and their hearts. “Over the years I’ve been lucky to work with incredible people in interesting companies on both an international scale and on a hyper-local scale. I’ve learned from a variety of leaders with different approaches and observed companies both in and out of synch. What I’ve discovered is that my talent is helping companies and teams look-up from projects and see the bigger picture. To understand what they’re trying to do, what they say they’re doing, and what they’re actually doing. The magic comes when you get to the middle of all that and create a narrative that resonates with all audiences.”