COLLECTIVE isn’t just a brand name, it’s a philosophy. We believe in the power of partnerships and work to elevate people, places, culture and employee experiences. Our team is made up of passionate, highly-skilled communication professionals who each bring a different strength and perspective. With a network of experts and partner companies, we are able to scale up or down based on project and client requirements. Never a formulated response, we provide a personal and curated experience to every COLLECTIVE client.


Amanda Bates, Founder & Principal Consultant

With 25 years of experience in almost every aspect of workplace communications, Amanda has worked with some of Canada’s most recognizable companies.  “Over the years I’ve been lucky to work with incredible people in interesting companies on both an international scale and on a hyper-local scale. I’ve learned from a variety of leaders with different approaches and observed companies both in and out of synch. What I’ve discovered is that my talent is helping companies and teams look-up from projects and see the bigger picture. To understand what they’re trying to do, what they say they’re doing, and what they’re actually doing. The magic comes when words and actions align.”

With two teenage sons, a fun-loving husband and an adventurous spirit, Amanda and family love to travel, soaking in new experiences and trying new foods everywhere they can.


Laura Spence, Director, Employee Experience

Laura is an experienced Communications and engagement consultant with more than a dozen years collaborating with clients to share their stories and connect in meaningful and memorable ways. Driven by a passion for clarity and
connection, Laura takes pride in providing communication strategies and materials
that engage audiences and bring a project or narrative to life. “For me, authenticity is an essential communication ingredient in any project, large or small, and with the right strategy and practice, we have the power to transform organizations from the inside out.”

Never one to sit still, you’ll likely find Laura at a park, the zoo, baking or having fun with her two amazing kids and husband when not keeping Amanda in check.


Amy Myer, Manager, Communication Strategy

Amy is a passionate change, communications and community investment professional who brings more than 13 years of experience in strategic planning, culture engagements and execution.  Amy is happiest when when rolling out new employee programs, leading community investment strategies, supporting culture building activities, and playing an advisory role within cross-functional committees to ensure the right message is received by the right audience at the right time. Amy brings an expertise in workplace communications and helping companies engage in the future of work and hybrid work environments. “I believe that the key to a successful communications strategy is the ability to cut through clutter, while preserving the cultural identity that helps organizations and people thrive – no matter where they are working from.”

Integrating work and life is a specialty for Amy, who, as a master organizer, wife and mom to two young daughters, loves bringing her whole self to every situation.


Kathryn Roche, Lead, Workplace Strategy & Hybrid Change

With over 20 years of spatial design, change management and workplace strategy experience, Kathryn’s practice has focused on data-driven analytics to build human-centered environments. As the founder of Hive Workplace Consulting, Kathryn  has led numerous strategic workplace and real estate planning initiatives for C-suite executive teams. As a key partner, Hive and Collective bring complementary skills to organizations of various sizes to blend space, technology and culture. Together, they specialize in hybrid work environments. “Together with Collective, we are able to create environments that serve the organizational strategy while also enhancing the employee experience. We believe in developing cross-functional cooperation, a sense of belonging, knowledge sharing, and innovation for companies across all sectors.”

Kathryn’s happy place is anywhere the wind takes her, and she can most likely be found paddle-boarding with her two amazing daughters and her Corgi dog on a lake surrounded by mountains.


Michelle Hindson, Brand & Communication

Michelle has worked in marketing and communications since 2009. She’s had the opportunity to work in many different roles, in various industries from large-scale global brands to locally-grown businesses. “I’ve been lucky to work in many different aspects of marketing and communications throughout my career. I used to think not having a particular focus was a drawback; however, now I realize it is one of my greatest strengths. My breadth of knowledge when it comes to how to engage both employees and customers has allowed me to develop a unique and holistic approach to help clients meet their needs.”

When Michelle is not helping clients achieve their goals, she’s spending time with her wife and two children, exploring, camping, and learning about life through their eyes.​